High School Ain’t So Mean, Girls

Mean Girls is an absolute cult classic, it’s a movie we love to hate and quote like it’s our day job. As an American teenage drama, this movie is supposed to epitomize the high-school experience. So when I finally made it to high-school, I felt let down, cheated, lied to. Cause if there is one thing I’ve learnt; high school is nothing like mean girls.

Now don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of drama and teenage girl cattiness in my high-school. I don’t think there is a school in the world that doesn’t experience at least some mean girl drama. My issue isn’t with that, it’s with everything else.

Let’s start with the cliche cliques…

Sourced: Gify

Mean Girls, along with every other movie about an American high school, always depicts everyone in very stereotypical cliques. You’ve got jocks, nerds, queen bees, glee club, goths, hippies, stoners, geeks and countless other groups that everyone is forced into based on one characteristic. But the fact is people are more complicated than that. Yes we had different friend groups, but it wasn’t based of whether a person was sporty or pretty or nerdy. My school was just a mish-mash people who liked all sorts of things. People don’t actually categorize themselves into cliques, they might hang out with people with similar interests but definitely not in the way Mean Girls portrays it.

Moving on to physical violence…

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What kind of school has an entire grade of girls beating the living sh*t out of each other?! Seriously this is not normal. At the most one student would get into a fight with another, but never on a scale worthy of WWE Smack-down and with an entire grade. I’m surprised people weren’t hospitalised after this scene.

And now the coolest mom ever…?

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Seriously? No mom is like this. Even in a fictional world this is hard to imagine. Many people would argue that the beyond casual and relaxed parenting style is cool…I think it makes me grateful for a mother that has boundaries and values. Admittedly seeing Regina’s mom does explain a lot about Regina George herself…but I’ll leave that analysis to the family shrink.

Last but not least, the Africa thing again…

Sourced: Gify

I am South African. I am white. Enough said.


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  1. This movie is an absolute treasure, and easily the best of Lindsay Lohan’s theatrical work. While I do think that it holds up extremely well despite the obvious cliches, it at times feels like a cynical and frustrated High School Musical.
    I mean, how would one react other to being hit by a bus?


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