The Great Tolkien

A lot of people are quick to judge when it comes to The Lord of the Ringsthey say it’s a long and boring book. They dismiss it immediately. But all those people clearly haven’t read the book, because it is genuinely phenomenal.

Don’t get me wrong, The Lord of the Rings is difficult to get through, but it’s worth it. J.R.R. Tolkien is possibly the greatest writer in the last 100 years, his work is truly art. The thing that has most people struggling to get through the book is what makes it so incredible; it’s all in the details. Tolkien created more than just an alternative reality, he created creatures, languages, history, lore and every possible thing needed to make Middle-earth seem as real as possible. It is honestly hard to believe that the world he designed doesn’t exist, because his novel has so much detail and evidence that would prove otherwise. The best part? Tolkien didn’t get his ideas from thin air and imagination, it all came from somewhere. Whether it is Norse mythology, Christian religion, medieval fairy tails or North European archaic languages, everything in his novels was inspired by something real.

The more I learn about Tolkien and his novels, the more I am in awe of this man. His work is simply incredible and well worth the read. The Hobbit is an incredible novel (and it is rather short), it was written as a children’s book but stands as one of my all time favourite novels. The Lord of the Rings is an amazing adventure and should be on every bookworms reading list. And for the true die hard Tolkien fans there is The Silmarillion.

With Tolkien is becomes clear that he loves what he is writing about, nobody can create something this detailed and complex and not love it. And that is an incredible thing about writing, you should only write about what you are passionate about. When you write about things you don’t like or enjoy, it makes you writing bad. But when you write about something you love, then something truly amazing is created.

My takeaway from Tolkien’s writing is in the details. His ability to research every aspect of his novel, and then adapt and create something new from this, is simply genius. Tolkien reveals that true authenticity lies in the details, to make a reader believe beyond reasonable doubt. That should be the goal of any fantasy writer, and it is certainly mine.

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