Why Movies Matter

On Sunday night I walked out of my bedroom into the lounge, the smell of deceit and betrayal was thick…my roommates were watching Pirates of the Caribbean without me. This is my all-time favourite movie, the wound cut deep. They rambled on about my workload and assignments due the next day, that they did not want me to be distracted. Being the diligent and hardworking student that I am, and with Kerryn’s apologetic cup of hot chocolate in my hand, I sat down and joined them.

You see, watching a movie isn’t only about being entertained; it is a complete and utter escape for me. For the time that the movie plays I am not longer an over worked, homesick student in a dismal town…I’m a girl going on an adventure, savvy?

Jenna Sutcliff and Kerryn Cockbain watching Pirates of the Caribbean together in the lounge of their apartment. Photo Credit: Danielle le Masson

About half way through the movie Jenna gets fed up, “could you guys stop doing that?!” she says. Kerryn and I keeping saying the next line in the movie just before a character says it, we know almost all the lines to this movie and it can be exceedingly irritating to those who don’t. Naturally we continue with this trick. Muttering some inappropriate profanity Jenna gets up to make some popcorn. Kerryn sarcastically comments, “Movies: reinforcing some friendships and destroying others since the dawn of film”. I just simply laugh at her and carry on watching, but she makes a valid point.

For Kerryn and me, this movie gives us something to bond over but it also gives us a way to irritate Jenna. Movies can make people feel connected in a way that is difficult to describe, you are drawn to another person not because they like action movies but because they like that one specific movie. It can be a crazy and rare moment when you find that person who loves the obscure movies you love, the ones you never thought anyone else could possibly have even heard of. It creates a profound connection and gives you something to talk about for hours on end.

Jenna Sutcliffe and Kerryn Cockbain drink hot chocolate and eat popcorn while enjoying a movie together. Photo Credit: Danielle le Masson

When Jenna returns with her popcorn, refusing to share until we stop quoting lines, she kicks me off the couch because that was her spot. As soon as she flops down into her spot she looks up grinning a me, and in her best Johnny Depp voice says “take what you can, give nothing back”. She bursts into laughter at her own little joke, while Kerryn and I simply shake our heads.

That is the power of movies, they bring people together and make them laugh, cry and scream together. It may have been just a Sunday night watching a movie we’ve all seen over a dozen times, but it created a memory unique to that one screening.


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