Seen Any Good Films Lately?

Seen Any Good Films Lately?  a novel by William K Zinsser

“Everyone’s a critic”

It’s a line we hear over and over again, because people love their own opinion and freely give it any chance they get. What about the real critics? The ones that actually get paid for their opinions. Zinsser’s novel is about exactly that; what it’s really like to be a film critic.

Zinsser says it himself, he “grew up to achieve one of the great American dreams”, yet the job wasn’t always as great as people might think. For starters there is the very real issue that everybody is a critic; you simply cannot escape the masses of opinionated people who just have to tell you why your latest review was wrong. On top of that you start being haunted by movies. Imagine watching war, murder, violence and bloodshed over and over again, it would leave you with more than a few nightmares. But it’s really not bad, and that it was this novel tries to communicate; the wonderful and unusual experience it is to be a film critic.

I genuinely found this novel one I could easily get lost in for hours, it is easy to read and surprisingly entertaining and humorous. This book is good for more than just aspiring movie critics; it is simply a good read. This is the type of book that inspires me as a writer, it is the perfect example of simple, smooth and flowing writing. I want to be able to write in such a way that people can get lost in the words, where they want to read more.


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