The Year I Was Born

1996 was the most important year of my life, mostly because it was the year I was born…the year this crazy adventure I call my life started. It wasn’t a particularly revolutionary year, I missed the first South African demarcating elections by two years and I was more than a few years early for the Y2K fiasco.

Ordinary life was simply ordinary.

In the world of fiction and movies, however, something extra ordinary was happening.

Our world was torn apart and on the verge of complete annihilation by aliens, but Will Smith was there to save us all in Independence Day.

Sourced: Gify

Havoc was reeked across Oklahoma as a tornado ripped through the state in Twister.

Sourced: Gify

The Looney Tunes, Michael Jordan and Bill Murray play the basketball game that would determine their fate forever in Space Jam.

Sourced: Gify

The never ending franchise embarked on the first of plausible assignments for Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible.

Sourced: Gify

A psychopathic killer was one the loose, tearing his victims to shreds in Scream.

Sourced: Gify

Some of the greatest and most iconic movies of my childhood, and in fact history, were released in 1996. And these are just a few of them, 96 might not have been overly important or interesting but these movies certainly make it a memorable one.


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