An ode to Hans Zimmer

There is no doubt in my mind that Hans Zimmer is one of the greatest composters of our time, his movie scores are legendary. Here are 10 favorite songs from Hans Zimmer

Africa is not a country

It seems absurd for a Canadian to refer to themselves as North American or a Russian as Asian…yet if you are from Africa in any movie or television series, you are just African. There are no Zimbabweans, nor Egyptians nor Moroccans…you are simply labeled African.

The Great Tolkien

A lot of people are quick to judge when it comes to The Lord of the Rings, they say it's a long and boring book. They dismiss it immediately. But all those people clearly haven't read the book, because it is genuinely phenomenal.

Watching Movies

Ever wandered what Quentin Tarantino’s favourite movie is? Or what Michael Bay thought of West Side Story? Well you'll find out that and so much more in this book.

Why movies matter

On Sunday night I walked out of my bedroom into the lounge, the smell of deceit and betrayal was thick…my roommates were watching Pirates of the Caribbean without me.

Seen Any Good Films Lately?

It’s a line we hear over and over again, because people love their own opinion and freely give it any chance they get. What about the real critics? The ones that actually get paid for their opinions. Zinsser’s novel is about exactly that; what it’s really like to be a film critic.

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